What to Train Before Coming Skiing

Key things to train when preparing for a ski trip



Lower Body Strength

Core – A strong core allows us to keep everything stable when skiing and helps with our rotational separation and lateral movements. If your core strength is weak you can’t keep the upper body stable, so this therefore effects balance, timing and coordination.

Examples of Core Exercises:

Dead Bug –

Kettle Bell Plank Drag –

Russian Twist –


Balance – balance exercises help to reduce our risk of injury, help to keep us balanced on the correct part of the ski and to react to changes in the snow conditions.

Examples of Balance Exercises:

  1. Bosu ball, 1 leg squat standing on the flat side of the ball harder (more advanced).
  2. Standing with 2 feet on the bosu ball,  have someone through a ball at you back and forth. Advance this by standing on one leg and repeating the same thing.
  3. Using two wobble cushions stand one foot on each cushion and alternate from foot to foot, so you’re balancing on one cushion with one leg, hold it and then move onto the other cushion with the other leg.


Lower Body Strength – this gives us the power and endurance we need when skiing. Allowing us to influence the skis and get more out of them as well as helping to prevent injury. It will also allow you to make the most out of your skiing through out the whole day, without getting tired too early on. 

Examples of Lower Body Exercises:

  1. Swiss ball hamstring curls –
  2. Squats –
  3. Lunges –
  4. Hip raise –
  5. Plyometrics –                         

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